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raising leaders of the spirit


Pneuma Christian Bible Institute (PCBI) was Formed in 2017 after inspiration by the Holy Spirit to offer hands on training to ministers and church leaders in the way of Ministry and to Help those in ministry acquire credentials and recognition by being awarded Honorary Certificates and be ordained and presented with Ministerial Credentials so that they be equipment both with the knowledge and necessary paperwork as they work in the vine yard of the Lord. Our curriculum is designed to equip the person more on a spiritual level with sound biblical doctrines and how to live and behave as a called minister of the Gospel. Every believer is called to be a minister of Christ; some are called to pastor, some to evangelize, some to prophesy, but we are all, as believers, called to go forth and make disciples! We at PCBI believe effective ministry can only happen when we understand who God is and what our relationship is with Him. Once we understand the grace and love of God and our identity in Him, we can make an effortless impact in our world!

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